Nothing says summer like our sunny patio. Sit back, relax and enjoy a hot foot soak while sipping on an ice cold drink. 

A private and quiet location on river side of  Kookaburra Lodge, listen to the soothing sounds of the McGillivray Creek as it passes by. Feel right at home lounging on comfy deck chairs taking in the sun while waiting for your appointment or relaxing tired feet in a hot foot soak. 

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Indulge in our deep tissue massages, relaxation massages, facials, nail services, special packages and fragrant foot soaks whilst listening to the peaceful creek flowing by outside your private treatment room. 

Hugging the edge of the village, surrounded by towering pine trees, you can find our Sun Peaks Kookaburra Lodge location....... QUIET AND MADE FOR THE MOST TRANQUILLE SPA SERVICES. 

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