Signature Massage

This massage was created for you, our special guest: everything you could want from a massage at an affordable price. You begin by selecting an aroma from our many customized aromatic complexes—which will influence your treatment physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Hot stones gracefully glide over your skin, opening up your pores thus drawing in the oils, intensifying their effects. Your feet are also wrapped in hot, steamy towels to rest comfortably as your body is massaged with the combination of skilled hands and hot stones. This treatment is designed to be extra long to allow us to provide you with a long foot and scalp massage-always a special treat.

90 mins


Your therapist: At Sun Peaks Spa, we employ both male and female therapists
— should you have a preference, please specify at the time of booking.
All massage treatments are available as Side by Side or Solo.

A medical receipt is not provided with this treatment.


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