Relaxation Massage

Unwind at the hands of our skilled Body Worker with out gentle relaxation massage; designed to soften strained muscles and calm you entirely.

60 Minutes ($125)

75 Minutes ($150)

90 Minutes ($175)

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed for tight & tired muscles, this therapeutic massage is perfect after a day in the snow or following a long journey. We’ll the use both hands as well as hot stones to leave you feeling thoroughly rejuvenated.

60 Minutes ($135)

75 Minutes ($160)

90 Minutes ($185)

Registered Massage Therapy

With our B.C Registered Massage Therapist, your body will be analysed & treated with massage, hydrotherapy & therapeutic exercises to maintain your health. Ideal for pain syndromes & other medically related conditions.

60 Minutes ($140)

75 Minutes ($165)

90 Minutes ($190)

Organic Wildflower
Mountain Massage

A full body relaxation massage with Organic Apricot oil, hot steamy foot wraps, a Rosehip & Lemongrass balm foot massage and a Wildflower Ultralight Oil massage to your Scalp, Hair & Nails.

60 Minutes ($130)

Sun Peaks Spa
Signature Massage

Choose a scent from our essential oils selection & enjoy a customised massage using hot stones & steamy towels to cleanse, relax & lift your spirits in this full-body massage. We know that the scalp & feet can become achey & tired, which is why we dedicate an additional 15 minutes to these specific areas.

90 Minutes ($180)

Pregnancy Massage

We offer a Prenatal Massage designed to alleviate achey muscles & relax you entirely whilst ensuring both you & your bump are safe & comfortable.

60 Minutes ($130)


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