We are now recruiting and accepting applications for our 2017/18  Season for Massage, Aesthetics, Reception, Concierge !  

Are you passionate in your work in Massage and Aesthetics and want to be apart of our team living in Beautiful World Renowned Resort of SunPeaks in        Super Natural British Columbia !

Lift Pass incentives to enjoy the Sun Peaks Snow !  

We cant wait to hear from you ! 

Please email CVC to

Application for employment

Please complete the entire application to ensure our process






  • I hereby authorize Sun Peaks Spa to thoroughly investigate my background. I understand that I may be required to sign confidentiality and non compete agreement, should I become an employee of Sun Peaks Spa. I understand that filling out this form does not form a contract or obligate Sun Peaks Spa to hire me. I have read and understand this employment application, and I seek employment under these conditions.