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When making a booking, this is a great way to clarify all the details needed to make the spa journey pleasant.

You may e-mail us at for information or to make a reservation.

You can easily forward plans to your friends by e-mail so that your whole group is on the same page. It also reminds people to book early so they are not disappointed. We suggest printing off your conformation times as well so that you have a back up reminder note for your services, times and dates.

When making a booking, it is necessary for us to gather the information below.

For your comfort, you may wish to call and personally leave your credit card information with us.

a) Credit Card #: (Treatment is non refundable within 24 hours)

b) Name of Person: (First and last)

c) Contact number at Sun Peaks: and a home phone number.

d) Your requested services, preferred date and time.

e) Any special requests or instructions.